‘Alexa, switch on the lights!’ It is the year 2022, where we have assistants to do almost everything. When it comes to mid-sized housing societies in Mumbai, there is laid back culture, with age-old managerial practices still in place & being allowed. If one treats society as an institution, management is the specific organ of the modern institution. It is the organ, on the performance of which, the survival of the institution depends. 

From startups to Multinational corporations, every idea is backed by a strong force which is management that oversees the execution of the shared goals. Mumbai, the maximum city has seen quite an upswing in society management companies that single handedly take over & manage errands effectively pertaining to housing corporations. 

A managing body can aid in optimum utilization of resources. An effective management coordinates with the individual goals of residents with formal goals of the housing society. 

An upcoming startup in Mumbai with a portfolio of 30 housing societies, The Society Consultants are one of the few organizations to provide a one-stop-solution for all the needs & social innovation. 

From productively conducting AGM, SGM to shouldering committee meetings, a society manager acts as your single point of contact keeping society books of accounts, records and registers in accordance to regulatory requirements, to ensure timely resolution of requests & complaints by home owners & tenants. 

From effectively communicating & disseminating notices/ circulars with the correct use of technology to maintaining a vendor list which is vital for any housing corporation, society managers only make your job easier. 

With ever-changing Government rules & regulations, such managers enable liaison with local bodies such as BMC & also undertake maintenance of all registers as demanded by the society. 

Sahil Lohia, founder of successful startup The Society Consultants reiterates, ‘We want to become the Urban Clap for housing societies. These days, every society faces problems pertaining to housing regulations & moreso the execution. At The Society Consultants, we solve your every problem. Having said that, we work in a way that every teenager to a senior citizen can rightfully understand the complex laws & processes related to housing societies.’ 

Like someone said, ‘Developing countries are not underdeveloped, they are under-managed.’ 

If housing societies bring in a society manager, they can develop their entrepreneurial ability, managerial excellence & thus better standard of living for residents residing. 

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