We offer Full/Part – Time Manager will be provided to your society to cater to Society needs. The Manager will be a self-motivated, disciplined, well-spoken, patient and presentable.

Educational skills: Graduate, Having good knowledge of Computers especially Word, Excel, Internet savvy, etc.Good Oral/Written skills and well versed with the Bye Laws.

Experience: 3-4 years in Society/ Property Management & Compliance.

Timings: Service timings and Weekly off can be decided mutually


Responsibilities carried out as manager: –

  • Preparation, depositing of cheque in bank and updating of passbook, opening accounts and renewal of fixed deposits and getting details of accrued interest received by the society during the financial year.
  • Payment of utility bills for electricity, water, property tax, telephone, etc. or any other payment to be made by the society.
  • Liaison with Registrar, Consultants Advocates and BMC Offices.
  • Preparation of bank and cash vouchers.
  • Prepare notices for monthly Societies meetings and agenda for AGM.
  • Drafting of letters to be written to external agencies and thereafter follows-ups.
  • Preparation of members transfers documents Preparation of NOC and Bonafide certificate.
  • Manage and ensure proper security & cleanness is maintained in the premises.
  • Maintain old records of the society as satisfy requirements for future use by external agencies.
  • Maintain and organize proper files structure to enable fast recovery of old and new information required on day to day basis.
  • Maintaining of property and share register.
  • Maintaining of Statutory registers like I J, Registers.
  • Issue and upkeep share register and transfer shares.
  • Maintain investment registers.
  • Maintain registers for parking lots and stickers to ensure restricted entry by outsiders.
  • Provide service for building Intercom and Maintenance, CCTV Cameras surveillance systems, Fire Alarm systems and maintenance, plumbing work concrete work, plastering work, painting work, pest control and even providing of security manpower or any other services required by the society.

There will be a dedicated Compliance manager at the back end who will give support to the Society manager in the following services

  • Preparing Notices, circulars, letters to members like NOC, Letter to Govt. Authorities in respect to Property tax, water tax, MHADA, lease rent, NA Tax etc, correspondences with the Auditor.
  • Attending, Drafting, reviewing Minutes of meetings including AGM and SGM.
  • Calculation of TDS challan, GST challan and Income Tax in coordination with Society Manager and Accounts team.
  • Updating the Society Manager with amendments, recent circulars by the Govt Authorities.
  • Submission of ITR online and offline and filing it in the Society records.
  • Maintaining statutory registers by Society Manager.
    • I form- Register of Members
    • J form- List of Members
    • Cash Book
    • Sinking fund register
    • The Audit Rectification register in ‘O’ form prescribed under the MCS rules, 1961
    • Investment Register
    • Nomination Register
    • Mortgage register
    • Property Register
    • Minutes Book
    • Register of Deposits
    • Register of Allotment of Flats.


  • Other Compliance Support
    • Vetting of Transfer documents (Sales/Gift/Transmission etc) by our compliance team after reviewing all the documents submitted by the member.
    • In case any member wants to get the transfer documents prepared by us, we can do it at a special price of Rs 2000/- per member.
    • Team of Dedicated Lawyers can be provided as per individual requests.


We seamlessly merge two key components – economics and information technology.