Our scope of work includes the following:

Bill Register

·         Make bulk payments to Vendors and manage payments.

·         List all Vendor dues.

·         Customizable Bill Formats as per society.

·         Maintenance bill to members to be sent via email / SMS.

Receipts Register

·         Receipts of the collection of charges/transfer fees and other funds of the society.

·         Acknowledgment receipts will be sent to members for payment of bills by email / SMS.

Bank Book/Cash Book

·         Bank Reconciliation Transfers to petty cash.

·         Maintenance of Bank Pass Book/Bank Statements.

Preparation of Annual statement of Accounts before the Due dates for Statutory Compliance.

·         Preparation of Financial Statements for Audit and

·         Trial Balance or Receipt and Payment account for the year ending on 31st of each year.

·         Income and Expenditure account for the Financial Year.

·         Balance Sheet as on the last day of the financial year.

Accounting of Journal Entries & Maintenance of General Ledger

·         Recording Journal entries from time to time.

·         Preparing General Ledgers A/c.



Members Ledger

·         Member wise Monthly Collection Ledger.

·         Check Live Defaulters List by Due period/Amount.



Income Account Tracker

·         Automatic Report Generation every month.

·         Check Outstanding dues of Members online.

·         Manage incoming funds like Transfer fee from sale of flats, Maintenance bill, etc. 

Expenditure Account Tracker


·         Compare expenses month wise and manage your expenditure online.

·         Admin can view Everything that is to do with Outgoing funds

·         Set-up Budget for your expenses and compare with Actual expenses once accrued.

·         Check notifications on renewal of FDS, Expired FD’s, Current Rate of interest, etc.

Smart Notification


·         Defaulter Reminder Message to Members and Admin.

·         Send Email/SMS reminder to All/One-point contact

Cloud Based Accounting and Admin Access


·         Secretary/ Treasury/Chairman get access to view all details of the flat members, Tenants, Parking Areas, Charges, Notices, Bill, Invoices, etc.

·         Housing Society Letter and NOC Formats easily available.

Records of AGM and MCM meetings

·         Attending Annual General Meetings

·         Maintaining records of Annual General meetings

·         Maintaining records of MCM meetings.

Preparation of Bank Reconciliation statements

·         Preparing bank reconciliation statements at periodic intervals to make the pass book balance agree with the balance of cash book.


  1. Cloud Application – ADDA Software

We use the most widely used Apartment management software that offers complete Automation and transparency. ADDA is an industry leader with over 18000+ properties spanning 80 Indian cities and presence globally in Dubai, Singapore & Mauritius, using it for managing day to day activities within Apartments & Villa community. 




Billing & Income Management

With this billing software, you will achieve On time & smooth Billing with Automated Invoicing with rule based computation like Standard rule, Simple multiplier rule, Simple NOC rule, Slab based rule etc. Online defaulter follow up option help increases your collection and Reduce Defaulters rate.

Expense Management

The Budgeting Module and Extensive Expense reports, helps in giving visibility to expenses and strategies better ideas to reduce costs.

Complaint Management

Forget the hassle of manually managing maintenance complaints and escalations from Residents.  Get ability to track Complaints, suggestions and requests

Online polls

Gather opinion on community members on various matters of opinion

Payment Gateway

Integrated payment gateway, gives Residents multiple choices for payments and Residents get instant Receipts.

Document Management

Helps maintain all property and Tenancy related Documents in one place. Easy sharing options with other members.

Helpdesk for Residents

Easily raise Maintenance requests and track to quick closure. Can also attach Photos, comments and feedback.

Projects & Task Manager

Manage Meetings, take and circulate MOMs, reports. Automatic Email and SMS Reminders.

Bank & Cash

Bank Reconciliation, visibility into the Book Balance as well as Bank Balance. Multiple Petty Cash accounts can be tracked.

General Ledger

End to End Accounting from defining Chart of Accounts to generation of Trial Balance and Final Balance Sheets.


Email Broadcasts

Send Instant or schedule email broadcasts to all members

Mobile Notifications

For all the smartphone users, send broadcasts as Push Notifications.

We seamlessly merge two key components – economics and information technology.