Flat Transfer Checklist for Individual to Individual 
Following form are required when a flat transfer by an individual to individual (resale case)
Sr NoName Of Form/ApplicationForm No.SubmittedVerified by 
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1Notice of Intention/Application to Transfer   
2Full Agreement Copy with Deface page and Index-II (Old & New one also)   
3Transfer Fee – Rs 500 Cheque only, Bye –Law No. 38 (e ) (vii)   
4Entrance Fee – Rs 100per member, Bye –Law No. 38 (e ) (viii)   
5Transfer Premium – Rs. 20,000 or Rs 25,000 as per society AGM, Bye – Law No. 38 (e ) (ix)   
6A form of Notice of, intention of a member to transfer his shares & interest in the capital/property of the society, Bye – Law No. 38 (a )20 (1 )  
7A form of letter of consent of the proposed Transferee for the transfer of shares & interest of the member (Transfer ) to him20 (2 )  
8Form of application for transfer of shares & interest in the capital/property of the society by the transferor, Bye – Law No. 38 (e ) (i)21  
9Form of Application for Membership of the Society by the Proposed Transferee, Bye – Law No. 38(e)(ii)23  
10The form of undertaking to be furnished by the Prospective members to use the flat for the purpose for which it is allotted, Bye –Law No. 19 (a) (iv)3  
11Form of notice of Resignation of Membership of the Society by a Member,Bye-Laws No. 27(a)13  
12Mortgage Documents (Closure letter of previous bank)   
13Form of nomination in triplicate, Bye – Law No. 3214