(Performa of Application Letter for the post of Returning Officer by the members)


Date: ____________


The Hon’ble Chairman/Hon’ble Secretary,

____________ Co-operative Housing Society Limited,



Subject:    Application to act as a “Returning Officer” to conduct the  election  to the Managing committee of ____________ Co-operative Housing Society Limited for the term ____ to _____.           


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, ___________________ , a bonafied  member of ______________ Co-operative Housing Society Limited holding share certificate no. ______ with fully paid-up shares of Rs.50/- each, bearing distinctive nos. _____ to _____ (both inclusive).


I say that I have read and understood the circular dated _______ along with the essential eligibility criteria, issued by the said Society, wherein the Society had invited the interested members to come forward and make an application for being appointed as a Returning officer. I wish to apply for the post of a Returning Officer and perform the duty to conduct the election of managing committee as per the amended Maharashtra Co-operative Societies ( Election to Committee) Rules, 2014 as application to E types of societies upto 250 members.


I affirm that I am eligible with the pre-requisites to qualify as a ‘Returning Officer’ as mentioned under Rule 76-B of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Election to Committee) Rules, 2014.


I may be paid Honorarium of Rs. ________ to carry out the functioning of the returning officer. (in case the member does not want to be paid, he may simply write Rs. NIL).

Request you to kindly consider my application and inform me in case of my appointment to start the process at the earliest.


Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,