(Performa of the Circular inviting applications for the post of Returning Officer)

        On the letterhead of the Society


Date: ____________

This is to inform all members that the term of Managing Committee of our Society shall expire on ______________ and we intend to appoint a “Returning Officer” as per Rule 76-B of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (election to Committee) Rules, 2014 and as per the latest amendment of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.

As per amended Rule 76-B of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Election to Committee) Rules, 2014, we have to appoint a “Returning Officer”, from among the members of the same society, who is not part of the current managing committee and not desirous to contest the election. The Returning Officer appointed by the Society would perform his duty of conducting the elections of Managing Committee in the Society.

Therefore, a Managing Committee Meeting  was called on _________________ and the committee has decided to invited the members who are interested to act as a “Returning Officer”.

The following are the pre-requisites to become a Returning Officer:

  1. Who is not part of the outgoing managing committee
  2. One who is not desirous to contest the election.
  3. One who is not an auditor, employee or any member of outgoing management committee of such Society.
  4. One who is willing to undergo training institute notified by the State Government, from time to time.


The expenses/ training fees for the necessary training undergoes by the Returning officer shall be borne by the Society from Society expenses and also all the expenses of the society will be borne by society.

The interested members, how are eligible to act as a ‘Returning Officer’ and requested to come forward and submit their application to the Secretary of the Society along with the expected honorarium to perform the duties of the election officer, in the Society Office during office hours between ______ to ______ till ______ _______ No applications would be accepted after __________, being the last for submitting the applications to act as a Returning Officer.


The Managing Committee would be scrutinizing the applications received and accordingly, one member would be appointed as a “Returning Officer”, by a simple majority vote at the managing committee meeting.

For _________________ Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.



Hon. Chairman                                                                                               Hon. Secretary