A Feasibility analysis is very important as it evaluates the society development or self-redevelopment potential for success; therefore, perceived objectivity is an essential factor in the credibility of the study for potential developers and lending institutions.

SCOPE OF WORK includes:

  • Preparation of Consolidated Project report and explain the feasibility report with limitation of the area.
  • To determine the maximum permissible carpet area available, in the project, based on different applicable regulations, say as provided in DCPR-2034 for Mumbai.
    • Additional Area members can expect in lieu of Redevelopment of the society.
  • To Determine the Total Project Cost.
    • Approximate Expenditure on the project taking into consideration the total construction cost for the project, T.D.R., Premiums, Fungible Premiums, deposits, Corpus fund to Society or its individual members, the shifting / transit charges, the licensing, professional and approval charges for the project, interest on blocked capital etc.
    • Details for the evacuation process and shifting charges with rental charges
  • To Determine how much carpet area is required to sell in the open Market to recover the Project Cost.
    • Minimum carpet area required to be sold in the open market to recover the entire project cost
  • To Calculate the Balance Carpet area for existing Members.
    • Approximate Profit in the Project 
    • Know the % of Balance carpet area with respect to existing carpet area thereby knowing the percentage of returns in the project.
  • Total funds required for the project from the banks & Society for self-redevelopment.
  • Comparative statement of redevelopment done by Developer as compared to Self-Redevelopment

Documents required from the Society

  1. Conveyance deed and its Index II
  2. Society Registration Certificate
  3. List of member with their respective carpet areas
  4. C.T.S. plan & property card for the plot
  5. D.P. remarks, If the property is under TPS scheme then T.P. remarks(optional)
  6. Copy of municipal approved plans

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