As you are aware, the monsoon is fast approaching and if the elevator machine and elevator shaft is not adequately protected against water, it is likely that your elevator equipment shall be damaged. You can prevent these unnecessary damages and avoid cost of replacement.

All machine room windows must be properly closed, broken glass in the window must be replaced. Any possible gap or opening must be sealed. Water can flow through the gap of the doors in the machine room. This should be checked and prevented.

Water can flow through the staircase or through the openings of the floors into the elevator shaft, through elevator entrances. This must be checked, and proper outlets must be provided. Care should be taken to prevent water logging near the elevator entrances.

To help you in taking proper preventive action in this regard below are the details for your kind attention.

There must not be any seepage of water in the elevator pit, shaft and machine room. Water entry/seepage may damage equipment on car top like, door motor, door drive, switches, junction box, PCB etc. If water proofing of the pit floor is not done , water may enter the elevator pit and pit equipment like speed governor tension pulley, buffers, safety switches etc. in the pit can become defective. Also, the travelling cable carrying signal and power to the elevator car can get wet and this may lead to short circuit and possible heavy damage to the electronic equipment in the machine.

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