Sr No Particulars
1 Application for membership by Legal Heir- Bye law no. 35, Appendix 17
2 Affidavit on Rs. 200/- Stamp paper from Legal Heirs.
3 List of Legal Heirs.
4 Form of Undertaking to be furnished on Rs. 200/- Stamp Paper by Legal Heir- Bye Law No. 19(a) (iv) – Appendix 3.
5 Indemnity Bond on Rs. 500/- Stamp Paper Bye-Law no. 35, Appendix 19
6 Form of Notice inviting claims or objections to transfer of shares/interest of deceased member in property of society. This needs to be published in 2 local newspapers.
7 Death Certificate copy of the deceased member along with Original Share Certificate to be handed over by the nominee.
8 Entrance Fee of Rs. 100/- per applicant.